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Aubre Winters

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Alissa Jo

Aubre is your go-to gal for all things Fitness, Mindfulness and FUN. Aubre's passion for movement goes far beyond teaching fitness. As a leader, she is dedicated to helping you create moments throughout your day (& in your life), where you COME ALIVE and FEEL EMPOWERED. Aubre's classes will give you the tools to feel your best both on and off the mat! Her energy will make you feel like the sky is the limit!

Alissa has melded her passion for wellness and electronica to create Deep House Yoga; a live DJ wellness brand concept. She has recently expanded her sonic journeys to include crystal sound bowl and ambient soundscapes. If she’s playing sounds for a dance party, fitness class, or meditation, she’s always inspired by sound vibrations that uplift the spirit, heal, and create a space for joy.

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